October 4, 2007

once on an april 1 (of photo archives and speaking with sunrises)

Cebu Business Park, photo by Chai

This picture looks like the "mr. and ms." shot sa TV.

Kana ganing duha ka hosts on separate areas nya naka-square kada isa nya nagsturyaanay.

The sunrise area here says, "i told you there'll always be new mornings."
Liyo and I, sa pikas square, are in a sort of trance and surprisingly speechless.


akosikai said...

beautiful.. such an understatement..

veraLeigh said...

hi kai.
just got home after a date with liyo. and sa iyang pagka-adorable na buang, nangutana if gi-edit ba ang photo :) ambot bitaw naunsa na nga ngitngit man jud mi nya yellow-something ra pud kaayo ang sa kilid.

chai took this photo with her phone. it was on an april 1 when april fools day lived the day with us, 24 hours of no sleep, drinks, and mabuntagan sa kilid sa ayala. beautiful morning.