October 5, 2007

Getting stuck in room number 123

When you're sick and weak, you forget everything. Or, your mind's disoriented and you want to talk to get a sense of order but even your voice is too tired to work its way out your mouth. All you'll remember after you've regained strength is that you were in a very loose, white t-shirt and very loose, red cotton shorts and you had to bury yourself deep in the sheets because there's that smell that makes you think of expired shampoo.

A friend may take a picture of your hand, and name the photo "pricked."
Your mother will have to give you a sponge bath.
You will have to put up with cable TV and surprise yourself while sighing over Audrey Hepburn's old films.
A cute, resident doctor in eyeglasses will make you want to break the rules so you can take a decent bath and be proper for the 'early morning visits.'

You will calculate how much money you still owe your mother from the hospital bills.
You will think how odd it is that you are reminded of a hotel room. Only that the door is never locked and nurses will come in uninvited every now and then.
This reminds you that four days in a hospital and another four days of home-rest is not at all charming.

So, you now try to eat on time even if you don't feel hungry at all.
You now listen when your head tells you it's time to sleep.
And, for the theatrics of it, you change your nail color to platinum white.


chin said...

ver, what happened? i hope okay na ka, whatever it is that's keeping you in room 123.

engz said...

pagaling po kayo.


veraLeigh said...

hey chin,
rerpiratory tract infection and super hilanat.
pero wukie nakow :)
haay. :)
saon lagi, di man gud magbantay sa lawas, hehe.
but wa gihapon ko fieldwork.

anyway, kumusta uy. when kaha ta balik magkabangga :)

veraLeigh said...

ok nako :)

bantay lang kag naay event ha nya di tika makit-an didto. :)

engz said...
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Chin said...

Outpost is a second home of sorts to me. I'm sure I'll run into you in The Outpost, and as always, you'd have Russ - and maybe even the bubbly Chai - in tow.

Be well, wordweaver.

jac said...

when man ka nasakit diay ver? katong nagkita ta sa UP kay wala pka adto nayayay?

jac velasco said...

hilantan pud diay ka ver noh?

Parisukat said...

I know just how it's like.. thrice or twice in a month ko mahospital.. So i guess naa nka idea how it's like.

Newaze, hope na ok nka ms. V and di nka magkasakit. Ayo-ayo! said...

hi ver,

i just visited again. respiratory tract infection and super hilanat. gi-complicate lang nimo ang over-fatigue noh? :)

ver, i just read about what you did for me for the press con for the american idol guy whose name is elliot yamin by the way and since we're already long past that, i just want to strangle you. i won't take the life out of you of course because i still have to kiss and hug you "thanks!" after. you are a sweeter ver. you could have been a sweetest had you spared a text message to let me know. would have dropped everything there and then. but back to reality, he's gone. you're okay. we're all happy.

vera, i think i miss you. hope to hear talking again, in vera terms, vera manner, in all veraness.

hey, it's be my first comment-er?

miss u bigs.

veraLeigh said...

ivi, over-fatigue sounds soooo ugly, so the doctors cooperated :)

anyway, you mean wa ka katan-aw adtong singing-guy!?
i was thinking ganahan nya ka nya and kaila nya ka niya so i mentioned your name.

asa man ka ron ivs?