August 5, 2007

shadow play

kung way laing mahatag ang gabii gawas sa baybayon ug paghinigalaay


ivi said...

ver, imuha tong betty boop-esque shadow (in the second picture) noh?! i have to figure how these shots came to be, or don't you mind expounding?

i can't wait to do my eight. it needs some thinking (because i blog pretty much everything about my life) so i cant just dedicate this hour sandwiched between 4 hours of work and 5 hours of waiting.

veraLeigh said...

it's me, ahaha.
malnourished betty boop.
here's how it can happen: sit right across one of dumaguete's night hotspot, hayahay, and sit anang 3-feet wall lining sa seashore. take four bored midgets and turn on your camera phone :)

im excited to read your eight.