August 29, 2006

...In big packages

Yen is splattering honesty in her post. I can't breathe. I want to walk along that rain-splattered highway again, with the worry of Chai's closet, with Russ waking up to a little frog flat from the ouside of the glass wall...

Russ says "Can you f*cking believe that!?"

It's all so fast. Let's see where all this leads.
It feels weird, yes, but our insides are definitely glowing with crazy smiles all around.


* diday kampupot * said...

oh wow, goodluck to your friend! :) she sings well and she's charming. i saw the regional selection 2 wks back. at ang abs ha, kainggit! hahaha! :)

Carine Era Mozo Asutilla said...

hey! that's my scarf... hehehehe gi-wear ni chai o!!! hehehe feel na sad nako star ko.:)

veraLeigh said...

uh yeah that's the scarf from your closet na giapas sa paper bag kay basin magamit pa... ug nagamit jud! ahaha. pang-front imo beauty yen. waheh. :)

morning people.
today is a happy day.

veraLeigh said...

ms kampupot :)... aheh. she's got the curves kahit maliit yan.