July 12, 2006

my constant bookmark

Red Brain

And crazy spontaneity

I think we have eaten up each of ourselves

Russ is right, tested touchstones, and them I love and hate the most

Yen's pillows with crowded feathers

Chai's punching bag

and Liyo's sun


liyo_denorte said...

never knew u got the light for seeing things bright.. abah!

aside from us, u got enough reasons why u should shrug off dat melancholic smile..
ver, i always wonder.. when could you embrace total enlightenment.

so say goodbyes to:

***jim and his/her unconscious gf..

***michael with his unidentified new fling..

***the quest for instant stardom (sorry..)=)

***excess baggages (enumerate pls..)

(repeat after me):
now, i declare.. im totally free from bondages that inhibits me to grow...

now, breath...


you are renewed now.


veraLeigh said...

what a sore observation.

jim is SSSSOOOOOO out of the picture already.

and stardom is SSSSOOOOO unspecified here. i could strip off in front of the camera for instant stardom. sorry, too, but we're talking serious stuff here.

jac said...

Nice Ver! i really envy your bonding... hope i could meet the "red brain" of my life as well...

veraLeigh said...

i think the key there is respecting differences.

and finding those who are interestingly extremely driven to better himself/herself.
so these guys are ever-changing and ever-moving and ever-crying and ever-hurting-himsel/herself and ever-surprised-at-the-world.

best of all, finding those you can be hugely proud of.

Anonymous said...

hi ver, finally i have the time to say something. well, i always had the time, but i never had the time to say something. ugh. i talk in circles these days. hohum.

anyway, i had a very good sunday (july 30). though i ate more than i usually allot my stomach with, okay lang. love yooooooo vera leigh and enjoy your life because it's right in front of you. it's for you. it's marked you. so stopped looking for mistakes or something to yak about because if you check again, you are having the time of your life. maybe your corporate life right now is not something that you really imagined yourself getting in, but it's something ver that will really make you grow. and that's what we need. a) something that will make us grow and b) something that will intensify our zeal to work, to live and to be part of this moving world. yay!

see you again!