June 22, 2006

Stiff needs

I need to read a "fast" book. Something to keep my eyes off from the computer screen. I have to alternate from web pages to book pages.

And I also need to do theater again. I want to do rehearsals at night, get angry with co-actors who smoke their stressful night away, get smudged with sauce from those take-out tempuras, bring a huge bag with at least two extra shirts, memorize scripts and be innocently stubborn about following workshop instructions and internalization exercises. Of course I want to cry, either as demanded from the character or as a result of those red lights. Sleep without changing clothes and without washing the face? Definitely yes; I need to do that, too.

Which reminds me, dancing with Bjork, Gregorian, Kadangyan, and Ayala's songs. Yes, yes. That, too. Do the "body ice therapy" after nights of stretching legs, arms, minds, and hearts for 2-5-minute dances. Yes, yes. I miss doing them.

Staying at Shobee or Bread and Butter and not minding the night road's dust and the cars' fumes. That, too.

Swimming at the pool by the end of the day. That, and trying to like the walk around City Sports Complex with Russ and Liyo.

The dinner and coffee de-stressing, either at home, or at JY, or at BOs, or even at Manang Brown Gate's place, that I very much need to do minus those pending schedules in mind.

Exchanging poetry with friends and random "table" acquaintances. I need to do that. Listening to Balde ni Allan's songs and all those other bands whose names I can't recall.

Watching those films at night, alone, crying, or laughing alone, and dancing on early morning's empty house. The best time alone I can have for myself. I need that time.

So the easiest thing for me is the book option.

I should get Mary Roach's Stiff from Sol the soonest possible time. I definitely do not need to end up bursting inside.


* diday kampupot * said...

vera, join ako sayo...

veraLeigh said...

join where? you mean link? :)

or you mean join sa mga gustong gawin at hindi magawa? :)

hope each of us get to find a home somewhere out there gurl.

anj said...

that's OK gatz....being busy means ur moving....not stagnated.....good luck! and no matter how busy u are wash sad face b4 sleep oi..pimpolon gani ka na....appear bya ka on screen....emaili sad ko oi...waaaaaa.bisan one line ko ka desperate to hear from u....even one line ok na lang kay busy man au ka....miss ya gatz....

veraLeigh said...

anj. no matter how confused i am with your decisions... go.. i'm just here.