March 15, 2006

Huwag Na Lang Kaya... True Faith in myself

Extremely happy today.
I want a camera and take pictures of my colored nails.
I also want to capture the air waves with songs in them.
He replied in short sentences. I wanted to tell him how concerned I am for his upcoming exam. I wanted to tell him he should play his music more often. And.. what a wish.. but yes; I want him to do Depeche Mode's Somebody.
Yesterday, Chai was unusually sad and kept on asking "asa tang lima!?" I wanted to gather her lavender sadness in a piece of paper but changed my mind. I am color-blind after all.
Russ seems sad.. is sad.. I want to take out the child in him and laugh with him under the night sky while playing tag.
Mama texted me last night, "ari ka dinner? kay mag-dung-ag pa rice." I wanted to fly up to her and kiss her cheek.
Vanvan pasted computer pictures for his project last night. I wanted to hug him real tight and tell him how wonderful school is.

Well, well.. Life is quite beautiful. OPM songs are making their way up. In my mind is a list of movies I'd rent and watch alone in the house. I'd like to bake a cake.. a real cake. Pride and Prejudice is waiting in the shelf. I got to dance with Kadangyan again. White cloth is also peace of mind. Papa is coming home for Vincent's graduation. Ate Aileen still asks, every now and then, about the things I do, but I'm getting used to it. I rarely get irritated with questions asked, with the dust, the fumes from cars, and with the household chores. Kuya read my blog, is reading my blog, and will be reading my blog for sure, but this time it doesn't feel weird knowing someone from the family is reading this. Letters.. letters.. I want to write letters and paste pictures and send them to everyone around me. Hearts. Multi-colored hearts. I see them flying around me.

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