January 13, 2006

To die like that

Would someone die just by refusing to breathe?
It's ridiculous and absurd for suicide. But is it possible? To die like that.

Offred in her handmaid tale didn't have that option. All the time she wanted salvation. But there are no hooks high enough anywhere in her room. The window is shatter proof. I thought of the fork, and wondered if she were given any fork at all for her meals. If she had a fork, would it do? I thought of the eggs for her breakast. If it were hard-boiled, she could choke from the yellow of the egg. But then again she's too old for choking like that, there are always reflexes for that, her hand would pick up a glass of water.
Offred never thought about not breathing. Even for just a few minutes. It could have given her a certain kind of rush. A few minutes of salvation. She didn't do it though. Maybe death is not salvation for her after all.

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