January 13, 2006

The dead poets

Knox held the flowers in his hand and read his poem to the girl. I want to see that scene playing live in any of the classes I go to.

Tom threw his desk set. It was a gift from his parents, the same one they gave him the year before. I would certainly want to have that desk set. But it was better off that way for Tom. The first unmanned flight of a desk set. It was him flying maybe. Or his hesitations suddenly turned into pieces of paper scattered all over.

Neil killed himself. I touched the screen and told him not to because he hasn't even told his father what he feels yet. He took off his shirt, opened the window in his room, wore the crown (I'd like to think of it as a crown) he used for the only stage play he would ever be in, bowed his head down, the crown's shadow covering his face. I wish I could feel that on my head, too, right after he took the crown off. He went to another room, and took the gun covered in white cloth from the drawer. All I wanted to see was the crown left in the window.


patzz said...

i've read this before... while i was skimming through your blog ver. i don't know what you're talking about, but i like it ^__^

maybe i need some context to understand, the lack of it is appealing though.

kramer said...

i've watched this film more than the times i've seen myself in the mirror.

i was there when neil shot himself.

i was there.