November 23, 2005

I am a slave to guilt.


mokmok said...

yes vera those were my posts
problema lagi ko

hulat pa ko nga mabasa niya
problema kaayo

Hiraya said...

can you still remember how you felt in your dreams? relate those emotions then to these interpretations:

about the first dream where you were eating rice and you offerd M-----l some after a while, and he ate a lot:

food means physical, emotional nourishement and energies. Rice is staple food in our culture. Seeing yourself eat rice means you needed major emotional (or perhaps physical? but considering the person you were with, it must have been emotional) nourishment. seeing M-----l eat the rice ravenously means he too needed the same noursihment. Having handed him the food yourself, you must have wanted you to be his source of this emotional nourishment.

about the dream where he soiled his clothes with his kid's pee and you went to look for clothes for him:

soiled clothes means flaws in character. your offering to find a cleaner shirt for him means you want him to change in order to fit in to a new situation or role. his kid's pee must have been a reminder of

when i looked for the meanings to the significant images in your dreams, i avoided thinking about your situation with this person. and in the end, the puzzle peices fit.

funny how these interpretations fit. that's why i was wondering who, or what's behind all this, and why our mind works this way.

Rudy man said...

ang lalim naman... daan lang

liyo_denorte said...

have u ever felt guilty of being a slave? in my case i do..

i guess we all need retrospection.

fart it out =)