November 25, 2005

a blue mountain

I saw a mountain turn blue.

Last Tuesday, I sat in my Comm199 class at the newsroom with only about five other students.
The rest went to the 19th Advertising Congress at the Waterfront, Yen included. So, partner in thesis not in, teacher not really up to discuss much (which is absolutely reasonable), class discussion turned 180degrees again and the girls, Tiff especially, had fun talking about the class' little secret topic. :)..., and I was left wondering what I'd do after the class (and during the class, actually), so I looked out the window.
It was past 5PM and I looked out and saw a blue mountain. The mountain turned blue.

Felt like the mountain was trying to say something.

Two days later, while Russ and I were walking towards the canteen, he saw the same blue mountain and told me, "Vera, blue."

That instant, I thought if I was with someone else, that someone wouldn't have told me he saw something... or he wouldn't have even seen it.


Rudy man said...

may mountain ba na kita from UPcebu? i cant remember... or hindi ko lng tlga ma reach ang depth nitong post.

RUSS said...

Ver, blue. :)