October 17, 2005

hey there.
a few more hours and the rush hours of mondays come again. guess i overdid my playing of sims, huh? well, i figured i have to play my sims differently... yes, i finally decided to turn 180 degrees, live it up like there's no need for savings and cheap beds, cheap paint, chairs, tables. i'm done with honest living here.. to cheat with money is really, in the first place, very much insignificant with this game -- game itself is cheating time and reality! :) well, smile all you want vera, click on buttons all you want, there are no signs of wearing out here.
i missed cine europa.
i went to waterfront with jessa and chai last saturday night for a performance... and songs of jazz and uhm... maybe ska? really now, you don't expect me to get the genres of music right, would you? the event was play for pink-- organized by zubuanon (i hope i got their name right), a night for sending out the message that there's hope, love and life... including testimonials from breast cancer patients... highlights would be sharing the dressing room with the female vocalist of island joe (and apparently, also the vocalist for pink champagne) -- whose music i really love (and remember the dance for epson at sm with them?), mimicking the british accent from the taxi all the way up to teatro casino, eating badly-cooked fetuccine and fish strips, receiving calls from an irate ate ivy (huh. you guessed it right. i did use her white sandals. this would of course branch to a longer story, which i wish not to write about, as what usually happens), getting bummed after a stupid cut while kadangyan's mitra introduced their last song for the night as their "..walang kamatayang babanam." hah! it ended with us and the rest of the band down at the dressing room.. talk about production glitches and stupid apologies. anyway, what's done is done -- none of this could have happened had Cynthia Alexander's health permitted her to make it to Cebu. which would mean no one really had anything to do with that kahihiyan out there onstage. so anyway, cynthia A sang through phone patch - 3 songs if i remember right..intertwine, comfort in your strangeness..uhm -- with the rest of her band live with us.. so that was my first acquaintance with the music of Cynthia A.

chat with the rest of kuya's family.
helped Van with his assignment.
watched Pinoy Big Brother.
called russ about pbb. he said jay is at the house. that's with becca over the net and exchanged pictures.
more sims

i wonder what liyo is doing in manila right now.


i want to read diane schoemperlen

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