October 17, 2005

for some reason, i want to erase ALL my posts(&for some weird,computer-generated trackings,no jazz in my ears, just Rock, Mainstream R, Acid R)

I decided against it though.
...just came from a talk with my TV Internship adviser, and (as usual) all the things I thought would happen didn't happen -- like a few scattered teachers in the open faculty area overhearing an angered teacher, like me crying, like him shouting, like him saying no..
well, for some reasons,
Life IS beautiful.

Some new things:
I get to laugh more at home.
I get to make an awkward, sort of lambing to mama.
Russ and I are almost always together nowadays.
No movies for two weeks now.
I play my sims differently now.
I talk less. ssh.
I called Papa.
I cried and Kara was there to listen.
Did not jump right away to chances like Cine Europa (stupid me).
I feel better with Yen.
I don't reply right away to text messages.
Less hysterical.
Extended hours at the computer.
Loss of money not a problem.
I really don't care much if my hair is all tangled up and messy.
I smile more (I guess :) ).

why did i want to erase my posts again?


mokmok said...

at last i found na gyud the tym. i saw u mga last night man cguro pero wa ko managad coz i had my mouth full of puso.
maybe you're hesitating na vers. hala ka.
watch out.
one day isang araw, you might go on with it.

mokmok said...

i meant nga baka you're hesitating na on blogging ba. basin you feel nga di na private. lolz. btaw btaw no.