September 29, 2005

a fast-track list

- chai turned 20 two days ago
- russ is reading harry potter
- liyo and i watched stars last, last night
- i got angry with vincent w/out a bulky reason this morning, again
- i am so happy that a Dido song is playing in my ears right now
- which reminds me, i have to buy a headset for my phone
- went on-field last night for a feature on a little gallery at turtle's nest
- fought with yen yesterday morning and almost had a break-down at ling's room
- mama got extremely angry this morning and slammed the mop handle at least five times on the wall real hard (and I realize that I miss seeing her really really angry)
- read jay's blog
- will go to Sunstar after this
- jessa found both Yen and I, perfect friends watching the Camotes sea in the dim-lighted shore for an article that Jason wrote for CDN when the whole class went to Leyte State University. I kept the copy in my clearbook
- baby king got the colds since Tuesday

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