August 23, 2005

jazz music and the disappearing lights

apparently, i keep listening to jazz music, without sufficient background on it or any other genre of music for that matter.
so perhaps it has to do with everything but the plain science of its rhythm... i love listening to it, just covering my ears and eventually my whole self with their strokes, track after track, moment after moment, almost in a sleepy stance, but beautiful.

but as for me, things are going towards the opposite.
everything is about the science of it, the utter appearance of things and events at their own pace and my involvement in them, just the process of all these things happening around me, by me, and with me.
it is at an almost- steady-running pace, circling around me. just around me, not enveloping nor penetrating, just circling, a noiseless cycle without even a single hum of happiness.
i have gone farther and farther from the usual noise of my days. even my mind runs at a steady, noiseless pace - always thinking but not really understanding; my eyes look at things about me - but it is devoid of any 'seeing.'

for the first time in years, i feel afraid.


Hiraya said...

about the previous post...i think now you know how i felt weeks back, though of course i can't be so sure. take your time off, take your time at the beach, coffee shop, basta the point is take your time.

maux said...

sowee au vers f never ta nagkita sa skul... ambot i'd never get the chance to. masangit ko sa gate. ambot naay curse ang gate sa u.p. grabe mohunong man ko. panuway man cguro ko. its either mokaon ko og bbq or mopalit ko og cigar. try nako nga dili moagi sa front gate.

nice post. ka-interesting sa akong comment noh?

liyo_denorte said...

just pace up with your own music..
just hum along..

hail to maux..

patzz said...

beauty needs no justification.

maux said...

vera i just saw your report on tv about this illegally registered right hand drive vehicle. ikaw ba, monotonous kayo ka. nya imong gi supress imong voice. mura kag kalibangon. be urself vera leigh lasam. pero na shock akong mother when we heard it. lolz.