August 30, 2014

Sine sa park

Finally. Nakasuway na gyud ko og kanang parehas sa salida nga magtan-aw og outdoor film screening gabii.

At work, I got an email from a mailing list about Arthaus and their annual outdoor film screening. Timing kaayo. Friday night. Date night kunuhay. I texted T and told him we're going on a date without having to spend a single cent. Sine pa gyud!

Of course, we couldn't help but buy some snacks. Kumpleto na. Blankets, Marie biscuits (yes! naay Marie biscuits dire unya barato kaayo!), gummy candies, popcorn, ug milk chocolate. 90 Norwegian krones tanan-tanan. Sige na lang. At least 90 ra. Kung tinud-anay pa to nga date night, movie night, 500 krones pa among nagasto.

I tell you, lami kaayo ang feeling while galingkod sa blanket sa grass among daghan kaayo nga mga tawo; di lang Norwegians, di lang mga batan-on, di lang mga singles -- kids, mothers, students, expats, locals.

The outdoor screening, I later learned, is an annual activity by Arthaus. Simple ra kaayo ang opening sa director sa Arthaus: a quick backgrounder of Arthaus and their annual libreng-sine-sa-park activity, an even quicker Thank You sa mi-support financially, a Thank You sa mga mi-alsa sa screen, ug a reminder sa mga tawo nga libre ang C.R. ug kung asa ang mga trash bins. Simple. Ana lang. Naka-huna-huna ko, ingnon tag naay ing-ani sa Pilipinas nga supported by the city council or any government office, photo op ang ending.

First, there were four old Norwegian commercials that met a lot of laughter from the audience. Lingaw bitaw tinuod. I was thinking, unsa kahay huna-huna sa mga marketing and advertising execs sauna, noh? Nga motuo ang mga tawo sa murag robot-like commercial models? And, mi-taas gyud kaha ilang sale numbers because sa commercials?

Next, a short film about Grunnerløkka. My dream place. Kung makapalit na mi og apartment sa Oslo, sa Grunnerløkka gyud ko ganahan mopuyo. Once, talking to a colleague, ingon soya nga OK ra ang Grunnerløkka for yuppies. I disagreed. I like the noise of the place, apil na ang mga hubog nga mga estudyante nga sigeg syagit ug kana every Friday and Saturday nights. In fact, when I first moved to Oslo and tried looking for my building, the first person I talked to ask about sa address was obviously high. He was sitting outside sa an Asian store, just in front of the fresh and colorful, cheap fruits. Right then and there, I knew I've found the perfect place for T and I to live.

After sa short film about Grunnerløkka's progress is the main feature, Buster Keaton's 1924-film Sherlock, Jr. Watching it, I felt sad. Kahibaw ko kinsay malingaw gyud kaayo ahi nga type sa salida, si Tito Dodo. I went on to thinking, nganong wa may mga ingrain nga mga perks nga available to the public sa Pilipinas. Samuka uy. I thoroughly enjoyed the silent, black and white film and realized nga naay excerpt sa film nga nakit-an na nako, I think sa UP, but the mood changed when I thought about Tito Dodo and all the other Pinoy sa Pilipinas nga di makakuha ani nga chance ug kung unsay pang laing chances like choosing what profession they really want to pursue just because walay tarong nga suporta sa government.

Sige na lang; at least nakasuway na ko og outdoor film screening and what a good social welfare system can give a person. Gi-imagine na lang nako nga I'm experiencing the turn for both me and Tito Dodo.

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