March 25, 2014

Some trolls at home

Can you spot them?
I got my first and only trolls from T's younger sister, Marianne. One of them is old, playing a pan flute, and looking content with his (musical) life. The other two are teenage trolls with very long noses, stuck together, standing on a flat stone of some sort.

I've placed them on our biggest pot in the apartment. I like the fact that when we have guests, they can accidentally see them while sitting on the couch, maybe while they are half-listening to a conversation, looking straight at the wall in front of them, where the big pot stands, and then finding a nose there, and another one just behind it.

Well, if the guests would ask me, I'd tell them, Look at the other plants by the window.
We have several plants in the apartment. Most of them small ones.

When T and I were living in Kristiansand in the autumn of 2012, we escaped to Ikea when we got too tired or too bored at home. We loved (still love) window-shopping in Ikea. But, like they say, you never leave Ikea empty-handed. Aside from the furniture and what-have-yous, the plants they sell are also decent enough, in fact fancy and feels like luxury for young couples like us. By spring of 2013, the apartment got filled with several plants, most of them cacti, small ones that were too cute not to buy.

This was how they looked like after a winter of house arrest in Kristiansand, in a line, enjoying the sun:

Of course, I have several misses. Like killing the cactus that was once in that big, red pot:

Ouch. Hurts that I managed to kill a cactus. I mean, who fails at taking care of a cactus? Someone who forgets that cacti don't need water once a week: Me.

In the new apartment in Oslo, I'm trying to revive an orchid T gave me as a gift last summer. Wish me and my trolls some luck.

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