May 19, 2012


The 17th of May (1814) is Norway's Constitution Day. Historically speaking though, Norway did not begin to celebrate the day in the year 1814 as openly as they do today. It took more than 50years after that before the celebration took its full form. But that, you can review in history books.

Let's talk about the Bunad and the streets that come to life on "Syttende Mai".

Here you see me wearing a Rutaliv og Rondastakk design. In my meager translation, this means a checkered top and then stripes in the lower part of the dress. This is a traditional bunad in the Gudbrandsdalen area, where T comes from.
Different towns, different bunad designs.

Crowds gather in the streets in their bunad.
Graduates from the 'videregående skole' called "Russ" commence their May celebration with all the craziness and freedom the youth can display.

Finally, a day that looks like home to me.
After all, Filipinos thrive in crowds <3

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