August 16, 2011

The land of the Roller Coaster Bridge and the Underwater Tunnel

They call it Norway's Contsruction of the Century, I call it the Roller Coaster Bridge.

Atlanterhavsveien or The Atlantic Road is oftentimes tagged as the best roadtrip experience one can get, and as we were nearing it, I was pretty much intimidated given my fear of roller coasters. The twists and turns of this 8-km stretch of road is actually a beautiful drive and it only makes you feel dizzy when you look at it from an angle, or in a picture (like the one taken from the tourists' brochure, and which I have posted here). The road connects Kristiansund and Molde.

We also drove through Atlanterhavstunnelen or The Atlantic Ocean Tunnel. And from its name, yes, it is underwater. Atlanterhavstunnelen connects Kristiansund and Aver√ły.

More pictures here

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