March 1, 2011

Gotta pack up

For three days, via cable TV, I watched Nine, An Education, and Julie & Julia. The Oscars 2011 also served as an intermission.

Last Sunday, I paddled with T and my friend An who celebrated her birthday in a resort called The Highlands.

I had a soulful chat with two, very good friends.

Yesterday, I read (and was slightly disappointed by it) Stephen Raleigh Byler's Searching for Intruders while T surfed with three other random surfers who made the most of the weekend rain that dragged onto Monday.

I had very vivid dreams these past two days , and you cannot imagine the mental travel to reality that I had to do before realizing that they were just dreams. Oh, the headaches! The first was that the iris of my left eye had a sort of warm fuse that busted. I could take the whole iris out in the way that you can take out contact lenses. My left eye stung. In the real world, it did sting also, for nearly 15 minutes and stopped when I got my sanity back and know that it was really just a dream. In the second dream, I was an accomplice to a murder of a middle-aged Fil-Jap man.

Today, I think I am going home.

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