April 12, 2009

So, today I'm clean

Any day, any day at all, could be, would be, all depends if I ought to say it is.
But today is the day I choose.

Among other reasons, it is a holiday (a holy day, holy-day, holi-day, ho-u-li-dey, sing allelujiah, take the jump).

Another is the silence of it, the incomprehensible idea of a day born from a calendar that doesn't know how to end, or, really, doesn't even know how to begin, what to begin with.

Next is the disappearing act of those around me, a theatrical exit from all corners, all corners empty, hallway empty, heavy with the absence of sound, or, the presence of myself, alone, stripped, naked in front of the TV playing pop music videos, and then on the bed, Love in the Time of Absence.

Fourth reason: state reason, examine my mind, check my cellphone inbox, call some people, ask, answer, think, think, think, something, something, something somewhere, ah, the make-up kit, a mirror. Foreign locals. Surprise walls. Dust-driven mind. Hanging clothes. Guitarists. Magicians. Choppy English. Good god, it's a holiday, I should ride a random bus.

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