December 12, 2008

where's the lip-sync?

Ingenious duo of MOYMOYPALABOY comes up with another video, Pussycat Dolls' When I Grow Up.

This time, GMA talents grace the video with their own pa-kuwela - including Richard Gomez, Ruffa Mae Quinto, Regine-Ogie, and even Michael V.

While it's fun to see all this random appearances of big names, it's disappointing how Roadfill and Moymoy can't quite get the lip-syncing right.

I'm an absolute fan.
But I believe that while the set-up and the general feel of their videos tickle most viewers, it's the duo's almost-perfect lip-syncing that nails the whole thing down. When I Grow Up disappoints in this area. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Check out one of their really good mtvs; their version of the classic rock Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen).


clarence said...

bisag unsaon walay makalupig aning mga kiatan nga tawhana. :)

sa una they do it for fun, karon they do it for money nah.
cool guys!

veraLeigh said...

tsk. tsk. tsk.
nasagulan nag showbiz nuon.

Chai said...

but you have to check out their "Volare" and their "Low". personal favorites aside from Bohemian Rhapsody.

veraLeigh said...

oh yes, yes. Low. the best.