November 4, 2008

back home

Ours is a small house.
Maybe I should place the table outside. The makeshift garage would be best for the after-dinner beer session.
I think I'd place the escabeche in the oval-shaped plate. Maybe I should buy two more 1-liter-bottle of coke. Or, I could buy those tetra-packed concentrated juices. Should we have the pork barbecue-style instead of frying it?
It's past 7pm, I still have time to transfer the karaoke outside. I suppose the neighbors wouldn't mind. Besides, the children will probably go out of their houses and play outside once I'll turn the lights on; I'd be giving them mothers a favor, they can watch their soap operas undisturbed. I should probably buy candies for the kids later.
At least three monobloc chairs should be placed inside. Some may want to watch TV while eating dessert. I'll arrange the dvds then and place them beside the TV, the animation films on top of the older titles we have.
No, I should have all the chairs outside. That way, everyone will eat together.

This is strange. It's already 9pm. I should call them and tell them I prepared dinner.

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