April 19, 2008

they say it is with their hands

what is it that gives away men's thoughts?

[phone-photos by me some two years back]


Chai said...

wow. 3 Libras lyrics is on your page. that's my national anthem.

can you send the invite to your blog to my yahoo ad? i can't get in here unless i go through some stuff first. you sent the invite to my gmail account.

veraLeigh said...

i know. that's why i placed it there. ahehe. pasuyaon tika.
pero naningning sad ko kay i thought naay audio kauban, lyrics ra man diay.

secret, di ko mosulti nimo gi-unsa na!
bitaw, i forgot how. ako lang i-figure out again gi-unsa to na.

and, wish granted by the way.
open napud ni. mana ko's OA mode, open na ni para inyo visitors makadiretso rapud diri sa akong page.