December 12, 2007

empty beds, secret gardens, beer fences, and all that sand

accommodation almost always comes last when budgeting.
as with Boracay, P700 a night meant rusted windows, empty beds, and a secret garden.

>>> faith hill

and so this is their playground

>>> the waves

sometimes they'd tell you, this color suits your skin just fine

>>> only 50pesos for the sound of rattlesnakes

you could become an unlikely guest.
"mga bote lang. uwi na kami bukas, eh. pasok kayo ma'am"

>>> where they build beer fences

here, even drawing hearts is forgivable

>>> there is a heart and it says...

because you can always choose to go white and get lost while singing "let me take you down coz I'm going to strawberry fields..."

>>> sun-kissed and loving it


Chai said...

nya ver, kinahanglan jod pina waking life ang pagka edit sa photo?

hahaha. kabuang lang ver.

veraLeigh said...

legs, legs, legs ko ay nakaksilaw.

lagot anang akong header chai, uy.
ayuha beh.
awa ra gud na. kinsay gasugo niya nga paa ra ang ipakita... grrr.