October 29, 2007

footwear glitches silent thank yous

Finally. A photo that got my mother saying, "bati na nga picture kay mas gwapa pa ka nako."

Just this rainy morning, naguba akong sandals samtang gadagan ko padung sa remote set-up for this morning show's live coverage on the barangay elections. I called her up and asked her to bring me two pairs of shoes that I could choose from, with a text P.S. that says, "padung naka? if naa pa ka balay, please bring accessories. i'm wearing black."

She was late.
She said, "naligo pa ko. wa pa baya ko naligo, noh."

But it was a big bag that she brought with her -- six pairs of shoes. Plus one more bag with several necklaces.
I had to hide a smile.
We were never the type of family nga magsinulti-anay og "thank you" and "i love you."
So, I picked one of the necklaces I believe she'd want me to wear.


- rain - said...

you two have a cute relationship. :)

veraLeigh said...

rain! :D
hellow inday.

russ tells me im my mom's secret favorite daughter.
well i don't know.
basta its the feeling na someone gets you. na kanang she doesnt necessarily agree to or approve of the things i do or of the things i believe in, pero she gets me.

weehh :) **sniff*