September 15, 2007

i'd like to get my tiara back

My favorite writing mentor just told me to "get some sleep."

Here's her picture of me: i see you on field in the evening or dawn and then you are emailing me in the morning.
(I usually allot Monday and Tuesday mornings for writing feature stories for Sunstar Weekend)

It's not like it's the first time someone's told me to get some rest. In fact, I'd like to surprise most people who tell me that by giving them a sample by-the-hour-schedule of one day in the life of vera the salimuang girl (big smiley there :)). My punch line would always be, tig-laag gihapon ko kada gabii. 3am is my midnight guys!

Poor me, it's like I'm deliberately throwing myself down the dungeon called "how to age 10 years older in three days!"

And when msMentor ended what she had to say with
"Get some sleep and remain young :-)," this little picture popped out of my head.

It's the first time someone used that line on me and it is enough to convince me that I should start worrying about my health.

Yes, I want to get my tiara back and smile like I'll be forever 22.


ivi said...

hi vera leigh lasam,

i'm planning to move to blogspot. my blogdrive is like a stagnant volcano that really wants to come out but i'm god over it for now, a lazy one for a thousand little reasons.

i really miss blogging is one of them but obviously, least attended.

to your blog: i'm happy to see a new look. the bright colors are a contrast to your usually somber tones. but judging from the happy vera i met up on aug 26 (thanks for coming), somber is just a word i use on you now merely because i'm used to seat that beside your name. i'm happy if you're happy. i'm glad even if i'm not. hahaha. of course i'm not.

see ver, i'm a blabber blogger. i do deserve some little love for this aspect, and so i should reblog. i haven't done the 8. shame shame. i'll work on it now, but have to work around what i remember. you're 22, but you feel 10 years older. i'm 22, and already forgetfull. aren't we sad?

i'm in ormoc right now. on a saturday night, i'm at home alone babysitting my baby sister, not much different from babysitting my favorite iron chef america when i'm in cebu. but there is a difference, family.

i'm watching elliott yamin on wednesday and altho it sucks i wasn't one of the 80 first register-ers (SUCKS, i couldn't give him a miniature jeepney), at least i have something to look forward to and to go back to cebu for. i have to move on with my life. mau ra jud na.


i'm getting married next January, or at least that's what i told my grandmother. i'd like to think of my life in that way, having something to put a period into something. a period would only refer of course to the end of searching. imagine if i find my end: not marriage. i do not think of my end of course because i'm not sure how i would want it to be wrapped with. green, red perhaps because it looks like Christmas. and Christmas, whether i get good or bad gifts, is always happy. even if my favorite songs have somber tones, it's still happy. on Christmas man gud, we're reminded of our childhood days. (here it goes again, but wait!) today is still as happy; but there are no eyes that look at Christmas more beautifully as the eyes of a child.

chestnuts roasting on a open fire. i'm watching home alone and love affair, definitely. the first one a movie ive always loved, the other, the movie i would like to star in, in reality TV version.

now, that's asking for too much on Christmas. 'tis the season to be jolly.

naa pa may sumpay unta but...

oh yeah, fix your time! 3 am is 3 hours late

augustchild said...

vera leigh lasam,

tonight i wasn't able to visit you as i promised (i did say promise fares UNwell in my corner of the world -- bad excuse). i'm so sorry. this is one of those weird moments that i ask (not pray) that you extend your stay in the hospital so i could visit you. (stupid me) but let's not. i'll visit you some other time, in many other ways. i hope you're doing fine. there's something about your no-reply that doesn't worry me too much though. you are always fine anyway. you better be.

anyway, my heart fell for elliott yamin tonight so everything else were everywhere else i didn't mind looking in. i only remembered about you in the hospital and me should have visited when i included your blog as one of my IT links at my new portal. (oh yeah, it sounds corny and reeks corniness, though it was my wordly carefreeness that i SO loved in blogdrive, i'm one for collecting photos and taking and bragging if they're worth bragging. hihihi, so i finally found another space to cater to all that (because i can be very spoiled). visit me, dear?

so get well, dear. as long as we remember we're friends, there will always be visits. anytime, in 1000 ways. love you dear.min

veraLeigh said...

ivi dearest.
so blogger has 'blogged' you now?
good. then i can visit you easily. and it sure can count in the hundred and one ways that friends visit each other.

by the way, dyoknow i dropped your name under CDN press list to the ayala pips for the presscon of that american idol guy? hehe :)