September 11, 2007


even YM has its uses.
to remind you that you can start from scratch and be new acquaintances, even if only through words keyed in through an indifferent keyboard.

for lost privacy and silly conversations.
and for X who's a 7-hour-travel-time away.

X: hey
X: u got my email regarding the training?
vera: whats in your blog
vera: yupyup
X: prepare na kaw
X: hehe
vera: by sept20-23 diay, yen and i will be in KBP broadcast training, for ABSCBN dumaguete and cebu
vera: kanus-a na inyo?
X: october pa
X: pero deadline is end of the month
vera: pila ka days
X: read the attached files kuno bi
X: weekend lang
vera: dugay kaayo mag-transfer files uy
X: pero of course
vera: hinay kaya akong connection diri
X: friday and monday for travel
X: dial up?
vera: im meeting an article deadline ryt now, and after one hour, mao ni akong napuno pa: Everything constitutes the work. It occurs live; no rules, no guidelines. It covers any topic, real and unreal. Performance art seems to evade definitions. Suffice to say it is a personal expression and a public experience born from various media at the place and time it happens. traces the term performance art from the 1960s in the U.S. when “live artistic events that included poets, musicians, filmmakers, etc. – in addition to visual artists happen.”

“It’s like 3D poetry, and you’re playing with spontaneity like clay,” Chai Fonacier describes ...

X: nice intro
X: hehe
X: have deadlines too
X: deadlinessssssssssss
vera: i hate and love tuesdays
vera: so what happened to R's visit
vera: how was R's visit
vera: how was R's visit
X: unsa?
vera: duh
vera: ambot nimo
X: unsa?
vera: whatever X
vera: na hala, unsa man nga pangutana imong ganahan
X: i dont know
X: anything goes
vera: i said how was R's visit
vera: ayaw gud pag-in-OA diha
X: i dint get it uy
X: anyway, we fought. real hard
X: but we're still working professionally on the brochure
vera: i didnt get it nga kapila nako gibalik sa ym
vera: whatever
vera: change topic uy, OA man ka
vera: hows work
X: see, how this ym and texting work
vera: whatever
vera: hows work
X: i told R it was a relief we fought face to face rather here sa ym and text
vera: whats happened to you X

vera: yeahyeah whatever
X: ok
X: ver, thanks. this is what i need
X: another person listening to herself
vera: i said hows work
X: ok gid.
X: no stress
vera: well, do you have friends there?
X: only with negros museum tasks
X: i work with two other people, a german and a filipina
vera: and are they your friends
X: we horse around, eat together, leave each other be sometimes
vera: what kind of friends do you have there
X: they're not the kind i could be naked before with, but they are the kind who doesn't put me in a box anyway. so fair fair lang
vera: who put/s you in a box?
vera: if you mean me/us, i'm/we're not. you're the one who's putting me/us in a box thinking i/we have always been like 'that' or 'this'
X: i long for a real good talk though. was expecting it from R when R came over. pero R had baggages with already. so mahirap to talk feeling safe without being defensive or careful
vera: have you listened to yourself lately
vera: everyone has baggage
X: i reflect and think a lot
vera: but you, youve been infuriating us/yourself a lot
X: yeah but they were against me
X: and all the while i was like on page 17 already and R was in page 3 pa lang pala
X: see, m not being paranoid but i bet you already talked about me, without consulting me first or something. and youve made assumptions and it affects your judgment. while i, im not being righteous or something, but this is my system, i work on a clean slate most of the time
vera: X, R and i havent talked yet, about you or about whatever yet
vera: dont think ahead
X: i bet you still have a picture of me pre-italy
vera: pre-italy, yes
vera: and youve grown worse
X: no nothing recently, i mean before
X: pa gyud ba
X: see, its a question of perspective
X: im not being mayabang, but only you and R say this
X: the rest is very happy about what i have become
vera: it's a question of you always wanting the world to think the way you do sometimes
X: is it because you still wanted me to be the way i used to be
vera: no
vera: people change and grow
X: haha. that's funny. that's what you do. you want me to think the way you do
vera: X, two of the people who love you the most see that you have problems
vera: why does it not matter to you what we say
vera: diretso lang ka always anang bidli na nga "youre putting me in a box"
X: you really love me? or the kind of me you want to love.
X: and m no longer that kind of person. so there's the problem
vera: paminawa ra gud imong kaugalingon
vera: what has become of you
vera: youre the one putting me in a box
X: ver, i know you love me and might know me really well, but you are not the authority right now to tell me what i have become, not even R. i dont live with you 24/7 unlike before.
X: you see me on the surface, the outside behavior maybe but not me.
vera: im not saying i know you coz yes, you dont live 24/7 with us
X: remember how we talked when i arived sa haus nila ni R?
vera: im sure as hell R is infuriated and hurt
vera: sa imong pagka-ambot karon
vera: ako sad
vera: ako pud
vera: naunsa man ka uy
X: that was the kind of warmth we need to be in ver. no judgment. just free-flowing.
vera: X, i should place this in caps lock -- X, WA NAY FRE--FLOWING NIMO KAY IKAW MISMO DAGHANG BARIKADA. NAUNSA MAN KA
X: im happy for u, may not like some of your choices, and the way you see things sometimes esp. in relation to me, but i wake each morning smiling and thankful that i have friends like you
X: i used to be carefree with you, now i feel like tiptoeing each time
vera: wa nako kasabot nimo
vera: forget it
vera: kapoy na
vera: kapoy
vera: world is blank
vera: hi, im vera
X: good
vera: we met pag-up workshop remember?
vera: your name?
X: im X
vera: this is not good, but im willing to compromise
vera: ow, hi X
X: yeah, i felt u dint really like me that time
vera: i remember you were late and wore a big jacket when you entered
X: which color
vera: i thought to myself, hala, like miniature rico yan
vera: X, X right?... im not good with colors
vera: basta dark
X: haha, i thot of you as the swaying lady, like the way you dance
vera: i didnt dance when we first met uy, buang. we danced after.
X: swaying while u walk
X: broad hips and all
vera: buang
vera: lapad diay kog lawas ani ron
X: broad hips
X: i dont know that's how i remember you and yeah your hair
X: dark as fear of the unknown
vera: i have highlights now, by the way

*ASL in chat lingo means age? sex? location? and, yes, for some it's the question that dictates whether you stay longer in 'getting to know each other' or whether you start saying 'gtg' (got to go!)

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