July 9, 2007


Because I cannot call you, or meet you tonight for beer and spontaneous dancing,

I will try to remember that early morning in Tacloban
and you facing the sea,
some strands of your hair escaping
to lightly fan your closed eyes.


Anonymous said...

I like what you have written. It's deep, with sweet words. Is it yours?
PS.: I like spontaneous dancing. heh
Have a nice week.

TeBaN said...

i heard. so sad. nagclassmate me once. sigh. condolence to you too kay morag close man mo.

ivivivivi said...

ver, there's more to her death than i assumed in my previous post. i'm sorry.

Anonymous said...

I feel sad for Ana.
I also remember her facing the sea with her professional camera. I remember her one morning in Tacloban, when she simply said that she loved the sunrise. There was always something beautiful about Ana in that very scene with the sunrise.
I also feel sad for our women. But that would be a 10-page essay.