June 23, 2007

I'd give you flowers

photo from Mona

Someday I'd do this.
I'd walk up to you and give you flowers.
Without the mask on.

Someday I'd show the world I mean every word I say.


iviviviviv said...

ver, i hope i get to see your streaks before you make up your mind and stick [back] to black. black is right, beautiful. but streaks mean fun.

long time no see my streaked friend. i'm trying to picture your new look in my mind but it's exhausting to always imagine, i think i owe myself and our friendship a little visit. hmmm... or you?

what may is to you will be september to me. why september? my butt turns a year old in sitting in the same desk, staring at the same computer, and doing the same thing EVERYDAY. let me do itself a lift, a major one, not physical. i prefer looking at this like i am not looking at the many possibilities of the after september. let me enjoy what jackie called her resignation from the mighty rich's personal assistant job -- independence. i think i'll taste it in september. independence are always scary. as in, what will happen next scary? but i know if i won't face the question NOW, i'll be wasting more days, and my butt, wasting more time sitting down. september will be my now.

and why september? i think wake me up when september ends is a suitable soundtrack. chack!

ok, i'm writing this here because i do not know how else i'm going to relay my thoughts to you without boundaries. i'm using a lot of words in many ways, but the truth is, i am just a blabbing blogger. boy am i enjoying this.

thank you for the time ver. i hope you've found your place that you'll never have to wait for an april to end and a may to come. happy 22nd year to us, ivi

veraLeigh said...

buhi pa ka!?!!

miss you.
and your essay comments, of course.

september, huh?
so what's plan b? ormoc with your sisters?
bitaw uy, we need another sleepover , i guess.

i miss your disorganized mags.
and your paranoid self. :)

mawixs said...

hmm... sana i could give flowers meself to the person i like... but can't. impossible... i mean it.

its not bcuz i dont have hands...
its not bcuz i cant buy them...
its not bcuz im shy...
i just cant...