May 8, 2007


Early mornings give this feeling of having the possibility to conquer the world.
I'm having that feeling now.

It's 5:25 AM and I'm already awake starting to write a script on this paid coverage last Saturday. THIS is my schedule starting today: Wake up at 3:45 and read my emails. 4:45 the crew makes a stop at Countrymall, and I take the ride with other morning show staff for the station.
And then the morning show at 6:30 AM.Then story conference for an hour or two.Then home -- yes, now I can go home while the sun's still up. And this time, I can go on-field by 2PM, finish the shoot before nighttime, and even opt to do one more story before going back to the station.
By 7PM, day's done. I will be less irritable. I will have time to bond with my younger brothers. I can finish reading the books I've started to read months ago. I can go home early everyday now. Or meet up with friends. Or enroll for a class. Or quit the dating games and have a steady boyfriend. Or take up law. Or teach part-time. Or enroll in a body jam program. Or sleep early everyday.

Or remember that I am opening myself up to working overtime. Everyday. There are a lot of unplanned field work to do and a hundred research snippets to finish.

But still, it's early morning. And I 'm thinking enrolling for ANY class is perfect. :)

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ivi said...

kay vera, my selfishness is a part i do not want to show to friends. hahaha, joke! but for desserts ra bitaw! i once thought that only ice cream makes me NOT worry about gaining weight. the only worry is getting to my last spoonful of it. well, that's how i feel about almost all desserts...

now i sound fat and 130 lbs. but it's true.

so... vera!!! you're a full-time abs cbn member now. congratulations!!! i wonder for what show you will be text messaging me again... a segment in tv patrol world? a report in ANC? i cannot wait, like how you didn't wait too long to let this come true. for that you are a star i want to hook myself side by side with. char. bitaw, seriously now, i'm finished by september. i do not know exactly what to do, but i'm sure about one thing: i'll be broke.

BUT ANYWAY, i'm happy for you. enjoy, enjoy enjoy the freedom, the SO MUCH TIME, your family, the little things... everything's falling at the right pace for you vera leigh lasam. tinuod jud to tingali na when you want something and work hard for it, the universe will conspire for you to get it. what were the exact words gani?