April 22, 2007

pink nails and missing college for the first time

with Yen on graduation day, and while prepping up for a performance
Once we thought we can be fairies.


I seriously miss performing onstage. It's been too long I can't even remember the last time I rehearsed for something or the last time I went hysterical over some stage-props fiasco.

That 'pink' in the background is the color of my nails now. Something to smile about while I go farther away from my college days and theater life. It's April 2007, a year after I graduated.

Last night I was talking to a close friend from college. She said, di nata maka-ingon "I'm a fresh grad" to people now.

She's right.
For the first time after I went onstage for graduation, I feel I'm terribly missing college.


jac velasco said...

Smiles Vera Leigh.

It's a year ago already that we climb that open stage... i sure do miss college as much as you missed it. :(

veraLeigh said...

waahh!! jak! tiguwang nata? :)

you know, the age "22" feels
weird. hehe.

bitaw uy, padayon lang gud ta. to everything else that may come our way, cheers! hehe.

maux said...

me i miss college cuz i never finished it. but the hell no problems. i keep myself awake thinking i finished it. and hell its better than coffee...

one i will finish it... i think so...

patricia said...

sometimes i think... i never went through college.