March 13, 2007

Are u photogenic?

I believe so

2. What time do you go to bed ?
3 am or 4 am
and then I get up at 8am
no kidding
3. What was the last thing you did before this ?
searching for photos of singer Sia online.
Before that, I was out at the verandah trying to sleep in an office chair. 7th-floor verandahs are charming but not conducive for sleep
4. Who do you call if you need help ?
Mama. yen. And then chai. And then russ. And then tj.
And yes, there’s really an order there.
5. What's on your mind right now ?
how utterly bored and sad I must be because I’m answering you
6. With whom do you wanna be with ?
A sudden image of myself waiting at a train station came to me. He arrives in his red shirt. And for a moment there, it really looked as if he liked me back
7. What movie do u wanna watch now ?
8. When was the last time you went out ?
last Sunday. Totally alone and not loving the ‘solitudine’ of it all
9. What do you hate the most for now ?
myself and my corporate job
10. What do you do everyday besides eat & sleep ?
And daydream.
11. Colors that make you happy ?
12. Most fave thing in your house ?
the computer.
And then there’s the Christmas gift I received, a stuffed toy I named chaio.
13. Miss someone ?
14. Plan to buy something ?
that short skirt.
I’ll buy it tomorrow before going to russ’ closing program for his exhibit
15. Are you satisfied with your life now ?
Why not.
2 jobs. And a writing stint for the paper.
But I’ve reached the saturation point in this office world. I should take risks and explore myself more. That is saying I’ll quit my corporate job 2months from now.
16. Do you like seafood?
17. Breakfast or dinner ?
18. Like chocolates ?
but the last time I ate chocolate was in that 24-hour Korean store and I was eating the dark squares without actually tasting them.
I was alone that time.
19. favorite fruits?
nothing in particular. Although green mango is almost always on top of the list on food I can’t help buying.
20. What's your favorite fast food ?
Not because of the food, I think.
That is where my friends and I sometimes hang out.
Or maybe it’s the food. Fries and coke float.
21. Cats or dogs ?
22. Salty or sweet ?
23. City or country ?
24. Is kissing normal for your age ?
25. Are you athletic ?
I don’t think so.
I try to jog though when schedule allows
26. Favorite band/singer for now ?
no-one in particular.
I just know that I love listening to Sia now.
And The Fray. And then Missing Filemon.
28. What do you wear to bed?
mostly sleeveless tops and very short shorts
29. Ever had a crush on a teacher in highschool ?
I think so. The computer lecturer.
he failed me once.
30. Coke or pepsi ?
31. sugar or spice ?
32. Can you use chopsticks ?
one of my biggest frustrations.
There was a time when I used chopsticks for 2 weeks at home.
It was an ordeal. But I’d love to learn.
33. Do you care about getting good grades ?
depends. If the teacher and I are in conversation-mode, then yes I care about my grades so much.
34. Have you ever fallen asleep in class ?
yes. I woke up to an angry teacher and I lied about feeling sick and all.
35. Get a job or ask your parents for money ?
already answered
36. Is your dad strict?
not really
37. Do your parents give you enough privacy ?
and i don't really have things or doings that i have to hide from them anyway.
if i weren't the type of girl who goes out every night, i believe i'd pass for a nun.
39. Do you make friends quickly ?
they say I am very sociable
40. Do you tell your mom everything ?
41. What do you & your parents fight about most ?
money maybe
42. If u love someone & he/she rejected u, what will u do to him/her ?
nothing. Just leave it at that.
43. Can u sing or rap ?
oh no, you wouldn’t want to hear me do both.
Just let me talk.
44. Wut do u think bout this survey ?
because I’m near then end of this survey, I can say it served very good as a punching bag.
I’m actually smiling now.

p.s. i hate the way the questions are spelled

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