March 2, 2007

The absence of endings

Darren Aronofsky, for me, overdid the last part of his film The Fountain. Having two other narratives is acceptable, so long as they work and connect well with the central narrative (in this case, the present time). I got so much drunk with all the colors and visual effects that the feel of Tommy (Hugh Jackman) and Izzi's (Rachel Weisz, who by the way happens to be Aronofsky's real-life partner) struggles faded.

Here’s what got me disappointed: Buddha inserted in 16th-century-Spain, and the forced merge of all three worlds as the film nears its end. An overspill.

If it were translated to a book, I would enjoy it better.
I would remember Tommy and Izzi more like this:
"Death is a disease, like any other. And there is a cure. And I will find it," Tommy says at Izzi's funeral.
Such a sad affair. All this search for something that will ensure the eternity of togetherness. The absence of endings.

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Anonymous said...

"...there is life in death" a line from that film that for some reasons is etched in my system. its just so true. :) there's always a beginning for every ending.

*Artistic - the only word i could describe the film.

**hi leigh, isn't really a comment--just thoughts i wanna share. :)