February 8, 2007


Asiatown IT Park, shot from Skyrise Building
Photo by Charles Nikolas 'Changkol' Buenconsejo

The reason why I'm currently loving my corporate job. Night lights and ICT midnight walkers are very much welcome for overtime sessions of camera stills and hot-platter dinner.

As with the rest of the Ayala/Cebu Holdings Inc. projects, salamat sa pagtabang og tukod sa Cebu landscape.

When I can finally decide on quitting my post in this corporate communications office, that's what I'll mail to my officemates.

Three more months before May. But when you count your days by the 15ths and 30ths, it will only be a short time until the next month or the next three months. I have to decide fast.

Meanwhile, I'll continue with my nightly margarita mixed with camera light and heavy microphone over there on the other side of the fence at Maayong Buntag Kapamilya.

A toast to my little town of dual jobs.


Tess Termulo said...

Beautiful urbanscape! No wonder you love where you are working :-)

Earl said...

Hi there Vera . Its amazing how Ayala land transformed the old Lahug airport . Nice photo :) Where can I possibly contact the photographer ?

veraLeigh said...

earl, try

Philip Jarina said...

Cebu can still play with light. Many North American cities have to control their lights because of the "Dark Sky Regulation".