January 9, 2007

And I fell

I could look at you straight in the eye mister-let-me-buy-sr-san-pedro-manok-please.
I must have looked crazy in a very big umbrella and semi-high heels while rain poured nonstop. Random man looks at me, as if taunting medium-sized, no, small-sized me nga nagbaguod sa duha ka bags. Ug misukol ang babae, ug natakilpo sa lawm-lawm nga bahin sa gabahang dan.

And the ending is still a smiley. Surprise 'shames' are always welcome. Especially if dancing in the rain is an option.



ivi said...

hai ver,

we all wish Christmas hadn't known that there had to be an end to it.

i'm challenging nostalgia with growers peanuts, packs of butterscotch, fruits, polvoron, cups of rice, junk, lukewarm water.

and even with all these, i still taste the buongon served in a bowl full at my lola's noche buena.


veraLeigh said...

that time nga medyo nauwawan ko sa tunga-tunga sa uwan, nanga jud ko og isaw ivs.
kahilakon najud ko kay asa man ko muadto? fuente? :(
so i went ka yen, and i had deep-fried shrimp for dinner nuon. kalingaw! :)

Anonymous said...

yes. the end is definitely a smiley still.Ü

--- rain

veraLeigh said...

morning rain :)
and you had to wait for the translation before you knew that i was ms. hilarious that time.