December 20, 2006

fireworks display at the capitol

Here's to a clueless Christmas season.

Leyte reunion on the 25th, poetry reading tonight, some party I don't want to go to on Friday, a short visit of a friend who got stuck on mainstream TV on the 21st, another saddening news field shift on Saturday, a friend who will now work at the crazy newsroom on the 30th.

And then more.

Identical books on Philippine cinema, steel toe shoes for my brother, 10-peso toys for my cousins, photo art magazine from Japan, panda-designed organizer, a stuffed toy cat I now call Chaiyo, calling cards that can't be used, letter V cellphone chain now V-less because of a morbike ride, miniature bottle of shower gel, a book saying "the essential poets," bonus check, flower-designed comforter, four-feet hotdog pillow, necklace and earrings now lost, bag of goodies, and still another bag with ham, two cans of peanuts I can't eat, 1.96-gig flash disk, red blouse, yellow hat for little Xenia, Barbie pencil case, mango and three rice cakes.

I'm still waiting for homemade firecrackers.


* diday kampupot * said...

the variety makes it exciting, doesn't it? Ü

i borrowed vcds of Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. yezzz! popcorn's poppin'! thank God for Christmas break. Ü

Carlo said...

hi there :) kamusta?

hope you won't have a confusing christmas :)

Anonymous said...

i was born in cebu but have faint memories of Christmases i spent there with my family.

did you enjoy the fireworks?

ivi said...

hi ver,

good for you that you still had your mind working real and professional on the days leading to Christmas. mine was too much on a high and certain excitement reserved for home, family, and Christmas that dollars and new orders wouldn't register anymore.

i even missed our factory-wide Christmas party on the evening of 22nd and left for ormoc, with no regrets, of course. i had such a blast, and even more. now, i'm on my last day before work starts and i'm in a scary state of nostalgia. if i fall for this, i know where i'll end up. so let's not get in to that.

hey ver, i realized that one of the reasons my blog weeps sadly is because i focus too much on the big things that lay ahead, and missing the small things around me. i am so spoiled of big things, of dreams, of plans for tomorrow, of the idea of tomorrow. so, stop.

hope you had a nice reunion on the 25th and hope the handmade fireworks worked. although i have to say i'm against that. let them stay high up on the air, where their beauty looks natural and they can fool us in to believing that there is no way they could hurt. because they really do.

miss you vera leigh, i still didn't submit the band's article. shoot, i have even forgotten their name. will get to that, hopefully. but now, i'm still curing nostalgia and probably later, push myself in to saying that it's gone and it never was.


veraLeigh said...

christmas was...
i don't know, just passed by rather unnoticed. and i mean christmas at the strike of midnight. i was installing a computer game the time it struck 12 and when december 25 was high up in the air.

plus my cellphone decided to leave me helpless with lost numbers in the phonebook. so i answered greetings (calls and texts) in a generalized tone. there are some people of course whose numbers i keep in my notebook, the ones nga dili pwede mawala.

no leyte reunion. a shift in plans and schedules. i spent christmas in cebu.

there were fireworks displays and parties all around.
we didn't have firecrackers for christmas. new year celebration gets all the noise.

___ christmas and ____ new year everyone.

2006 has ended. ... ... ...
salamat mga tigbisita.

**hugs* everyone