October 6, 2006

I guess it's time I smile

Audit with Certification International for the company's ISO commitments already finished. Phew to the nth level here.
It's a Friday and I suppose I have to go out and sing, "It's Friday I'm in love!"

((A note to last night's cold walk along Cebu Business Park: a girly blouse and uncombed hair complement the dark streets, and listening to "...if each day, each hour, a flower climbs up to your lips to seek me..." convinced me that I should take more lonely walks like this))


Carine Era Mozo Asutilla said...

vera... ayaw na pag calendar... dili lang sa buhaton nimo but sa guys sad... OK? love will come and it will not make a sound... lalalala hehehe... ka gets ka sa calendar?

veraLeigh said...

calendar? if you mean "to happen," then i get it.

wahaa. uhuh. suddenly tanang taw kada lingi nako always 'THE love' ang padulngan sa sturya when talking to me.

uhmm...i think i'm still quite yellow. haha.

yen said...
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veraLeigh said...
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