August 7, 2006

Glass windows

A puppy chained at the neck, yet unchained from wherever he's supposed to be, sniffing the wet city street.

Two other passengers in a home-bound jeepney. Man in stripes carrying a bible, hair neatly divided. Girlfriend in a pink blouse, call-center-girl-look, hand resting on thigh of boyfriend.
Pink talks about a church-mate who plays the guitar and keyboard well. Stripes nods. Oh, and my brother is also good with his music, Pink adds with more conviction this time.

Red sweater I can't wear for work.

The cold of Vincent and Van's room which I can't stand.

Two hours of poorly-constructed film scenes, save for those ice skating dances and twirls from a rented movie. The original and older version of The Cutting Edge nowhere to be found.

Wallet getting fat with accumulated, faceless calling cards.

Days held in crazy weather. Lost clouds and sky raining white and grey drops.

White, kithen floor tiles. Slumped me. No geckos this time.

Michael in a white shirt. Smiling.

Green mangoes sold at 15, 20 pesos.

Chipped nails.

Franz’s lavender pants in discussion. Maybe he came from a Family Day of some sort that time.

Closed blinds and hidden tissue, alcohol, two glue containers, 3 sets of adhesive tapes, a mug, pencil sharpener. Glass windows.


Rudy man said...

hey! enjoyed reading this entry. galing.

veraLeigh said...

it was one of those rainy days preceded by an even colder night.


fetus said...

hoi!!!! hehehehe

* diday kampupot * said...

if u want, i can lend you my duckie-printed pyjamas, vera. it'll keep you warm till the sun shines brightly in cebu again. :)

you're fine. promise.

veraLeigh said...

duckie-printed... cute :)

ivi said...

ver, ka deeeeeeep... i should read you more often so i get as deeeep.. if that works anyway.

anyway, was that michael... your michael? is the world really that small for both of you that the chances of being in the same 10 meters of space happen so often? lucky you.

i hope i find my michael.

veraLeigh said...

remember that my michael is a neighbor.

crazy little geography. :(

-raindrops- said...

your michael is your neighbor??? wow. the world is crazy indeed. and veeery small.

HUGS vera-sweets. hope this at least adds to a little warmth for you.Ü