July 20, 2006

Got a new book to fill me up. Here's a dose of literary journalism for me.
(Thank you Sol and hope you like that feather of a book by Schoemperlen, In The Language of Love) the term feather taken from a TV show relayed by Russ, and to make the long story short, may be defined as one's precious gem or love.

Recently, I was interviewed by one of my seniors in TV reporting and he casually asked me of my plans.
I said I wanted to study specialized journalism outside the country; that is of course if I get across a scholarship program that would take me in. Lately though, searching for those programs has made me dizzy, but not necessarily disheartening me.
Which is probably why it got me when after he, going back to the interview, told me there is really no need to go to school for it. We get those lessons along the way, he said.
So, an important thing here for me to take note of.
Better start with little things, like reading more of the works from the likes of Mary Roach and my favorite Susan Orlean.

And yes, after printing Orlean's The Lady and the Tigers, I'll still check my email for updates on those scholarship searches.


jac said...

EY! Ver! How i wosh i cold fine time leisurely reading books... yes.. gnhan jud au ko mubasa "The FIve people..." hmmm if u cud let me borrow... hehehe Bitaw, sad au ko coz wla judn ko mahuman read ang "Tuesdays With Morrie". Wasn't able to get hold of it na coz naBusy ko!

maux said...

di ko kabalo mobasa!