June 7, 2006

Michael is with another girl part two

So I entered this botique out of reflex and sat down below the counter and put on a helpless face for the two, innocent-looking salesladies.
I did the finger motion for shhh, and said "Naa sa gawas akong ex kauban iyang uyab."
Partly true.
What I needed was a head bump and forget all this nonsense and just go back to the old me.
And again, this is not just even about Michael anymore.

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ivi said...

yes vera, it's not just about michael anymore. it's also about finding that certain guy, the perfect or nearly perfect love -- or the lack of it in this world. maybe you thought you had one coming in the person of michael, but as it turned out (as you witnessed on that fateful day), he sees another person in such a way. (or maybe not. maybe he's just desperate and doesn't know what he's getting into with that girl. who knows? relationships nowadays are founded on the yearning to have somebody to call "boyfriend," somebody to waste money for chocolates and flowers for, somebody to buy cellphone loads for, you get the point, etc.)

why do many fuss about that when finding a partner is just one aspect of living? i know, i admit, i believe that having someone who reminds you you're being loved is wonderful beyond words but (in my case) i live 20 years without it, what difference would living the same way for another 2 years or more make? oh yeah, being asked (and even ridiculed) why i'm still single at, um, 21, 22, 25, or 30. (God forbid!) hehe

vera, you're a very special girl. pa cute man sad ka pirmi but unlike most girls out there, you are not just for pa.cute sessions (hehehehe). you are talented, you are abled, you were created to wow the world with your aesthetic abilities and gift.

you amaze a lot of people ver. and i'm sure one of those you'll amaze in the coming days will see beyond your brilliance, your talent, and see that, you are not just amazing, but you can also be truly loved and can love for real, and far better than anybody else.

... char, i hope half of what i've written made some sense. even just half of it. but vera, whether it made sense or not, please know that i meant every word. don't grieve for michale, don't grieve your being single. take care of that privilege because soon, by 24, 27, or 30, you're going to HAVE TO spend every day with another person, a.k.a. like a dog's tail. scary. (haha)

bitaw ver, pls be aware i meant every word above under this certain condition of being boyless since birth but still happy anyhow. :)