May 30, 2006

email response to a friend who sees happiness in pancit canton and fried bananas

don't push me off the building Ivs... who knows, one of these days i get to jump off the building myself (God forbid). Sometimes when the room gets too cold, I get out and look at most of Cebu's building-scape in a speck and wonder whether we really have to move somewhere else... this province is going big time. (Try and check the newspapers regarding infrastuctures and development projects heading their way here, not to mention the IT sector climbing its way to be the Silicon Valley of the country. Makabuang nga makalipong ang umaabot na mga buildings... Asia will turn its face to us in the coming year)... but sometimes of course you get to think how long you've actually stayed in Cebu and you want to escape real fast so you look directly below and want to jump off the building.


katrina said...
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* diday kampupot * said...

haaay cebu... :) when will i get the chance to visit cebu? *sigh*