April 25, 2006

Tomorrow is graduation day

A week ago, I finished the All Visayas Creative Writers Workshop.
Fairly good comments for my english short story.
Got butchered for my two, cebuano poems.
All the rest of them involved in the workshop might still be seduced to the idea that I'm this happy girl with a big smile, and sometimes serious mood shifts, but always, always finding something to be happy about.
Yen and I both got silver medals for the poetry writing contest that culminated the workshop. Yen for the Cebuano category. Mine for English. Yes, you're right. It's Michael. Feel free to read below. Argh. Five minutes was all it took to write that and then I wanted to tear the page to pieces.

Found a new friend Anna Neri.
Weird how some acquaintances actually have the same brand of humor as you.

Went home to St. Bernard.
Saw old friends.
And relatives.
And Ginsaugon.

Got two jobs.
Same for ABSCBN as segment reporter for the morning show.
Then corporate communications assistant for Cebu Holdings Incorporated. Sounds cute.

No medals for this graduation.
No special participation for the mass. So I might as well not go there.
Have a new dress though.
And a new haircut.
And a new set of questions about having a job and all.
And new expectations on men.
And new reasons to bond with Ate Aileen and Ate Ivy.
And new books.
And new wishes.
New night dreams that I never expected of dreaming. The subconscious must really be a whole different person in itself.
New ways of reading a person.
New challenges.

No sense in getting sad and drained.
Stand up Ver.


Chloe said...

One job is for self-enrichment; the other one is for paying the bills. I saw you on tv this morning. =)

Chloe said...

The corporate world pays better, hands-down. But the media would easily claim you as its own and make your face one of the city's most recognizable. Haha =)