March 28, 2006

with sweetie and hopeless romantic Ardie
At one of the kainan sa Dumaguete. I could have sworn that this place is exactly the same as Cebu's Jo's Chicken Inato.
So mao na jud ni ang debate ba..
Below, uhm, beside Silliman Library.
Lagi, lagi.. serious mi. Nag-discuss gud.. So naa nami sa Coco Grande.
Team A na si Ardie, April and Rommel.. before the orientation period.
Team B. With Sam and Jesa. I know, i know.. mura lagi powerpuff girls ba.
Wa pa nahuwasan sa the Worlview Inn.
Silliman's own brand of Batibot Tambayan... asa kaha mi diha ba.. :)


Corey said...

You bring back some memories of my time in Dumaguete with these photos. The love of my life lives in Bacong and she actually went to Silliman. Now, she is working on Noblefranca Street.

veraLeigh said...

hi corey.

i regret not having to visit that coffee shop along the street towards the famed Boulevard.

that trip was both awful and fun.
awful because of 4 straight debates in one day -- yes, Asian Parliamentary format :(
and fun, definitely because i've been hearing about the place (most from literary writers, wonder what's with the place that gives that tinge of 'creative writers' haven), and because we had it at Silliman, and the institution sure is part of Philippines' pride.

Corey said...

Your country has a certain exotic charm about it, if that makes sense. I actually entered the country through Manila, though I was supposed to fly straight into Cebu. I just remember how alien the landscape looked as our plane made its final approach to NAIA.

While you do have a lot of outward Western influences in your culture it really does have a heartbeat of its own. There is something below the surface that I found to quite enchanting, though I'm not quite sure what it was.

I can tell you that my time with Marilyn was quite a blessing, and the Philippines provided a perfect backdrop for that beautiful experience.