December 23, 2005

remember that Christmas is still about Papa going home

and it is still about the anticipation of the New Year and the crackle and booms of the firecrackers that he sets up outside the house.

It is also about fruits on the table and the excess of meat and oil, but no one feels guilty about it.

It is about going to mass in your bestest Sunday dress, and when you feel that after all, prayers are still heard.

It is about late-night rented movies and when you suddenly enjoy action, epic films.

It is about praying the rosary, finally, the family complete, and red and yellow and orange reflected in the faces of the father, the mother, and the children - truly complete, prays together and stays together.

It is about starting the day early, and the house suddenly turns upside down in a heartwarming way -- old clothes, toys discarded, trash-bags filling up, a slight scold here and there, everyone's faces dusty, hands tired, a general cleaning made with seven broomsticks in heaven.

This is my own set of Santa Clause and reindeers.
My snow-blown wind in the night.
And my unopened gift.

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