November 11, 2005

I feel like I have wasted much of my time

I have spent a great deal of my time generally talking about film, poetry, and literature; reading scattered books, reviews, articles, watching films, not quite remembering the names, principles behind them all.
All these things I did, I feel, have wasted my time.

Had I absorbed more of all that I have come across, I might have already filled the gaps in my knowledge. sadly, I haven't.

All those gems have gone in and out of my hand just like that.

Varied interests and less time on deeper focus to something in particualr get me nowhere.

so I should start with one, then another, then another, gradually, slowly.
Enough of the hurry.
I am taking things step by step now.


patzz said...

sounds like a good idea. ^__^
i've yet to create a step-by-step approach myself. though i doubt i'll ever create one.

you know ver... i'm quite sure you'll find a purpose in all the things you've supposedly 'wasted' your time on. investments don't take effect until you go further down the road.

Hiraya said...

ay gud pag ing-ana. unsa'y tawag nimo nako?