October 15, 2005

you know... life runs really rather fast sometimes

I wanted to watch the European film festival but I ended up talking with Russ after a meal at Mcdonalds. We stayed outside for more than an hour. Talked. The way he talks. The way I talk. The way friends talk.... you know I love this part of friendship... the talking part, I mean. Eh. Right, Russ?
So anyway, film fest goodbye. Not in the mood really. We were both exhausted. EXHAUSTED. We are students, after all.
This simple break --- that is, sitting down after a weird-tasting burger and sensible, helpful talk is a very rare chance at these times... so I grab it. Phew. Day is filled with sweat and running and writing and typing.
Then Jay arrived.
He bought us McFlurry. I wanted the M&Ms but we both got the caramel-thing instead (or was that moccha?)
Then James called Russ on the phone.
Then Jay disappeared. Right under my short nose... Haay.
But as I told him, I have a lot of things to shout at him... but these are quite irrelevant to everything he IS going through...
Anyway, this isn't really the only thing that bit me today... just that it happened recently so I get to remember it better...
Let's see.. let me randomly collect from my memory...
Early morning... Ah! Bumped into mushroom Jim wearing this quite big sunglasses. Really miss him.
Media Ethics and Social Responsibility finals...finished it in 10minutes.
Talk with Sir Bien about thesis and video documentary.
Advertising poster.
Russ and his komiks.
...later at night, before rehearsing for Cynthia A show, Yen crying and talking to me how her day EXTREMELY went bad... and i realize, I MISS HER SO MUCH. and one more thing i sensed by the way she talked to me -- she still loves me. hehe.
Jessa's roommate, Ate Rose -- birthday with pancit canton, pizza and coke, and lots of GMA 7 shows and plugs.
Niel Iosif Ilagan (complete name) moved to a new boarding house by the side of the campus (standing on UP grounds still... duh, same thing) and decided to treat the girls to a drink... did not go with them, of course... midnight. Socrates is with Niel, which is weird actually, and Chai saying why shouldn't I go plus a knowing smile, which is again weird.
... arrived home at midnight after rehearsal for Cynthia Alexander show. I hope they pay us a big amount.
... a short talk with Ate Aileen... which I'm not too comfortable writing about.

Point is, I have been trying to catch up on things that I HAVE to do and I WANT to do. There is a difference there.
School works first.
Then now... Dawn. Read. Listening to music. Write a bit. Surf. Chat with an old-time friend. Want to write more but head rather tired. Eyes closing...

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