October 22, 2005

today... uhm, yesterday i mean was ate ivy's birthday.
simple dinner at the house with ate ivy's furry bear gift from ate aileen joining the pictures (and baby king all dressed up in long pants, and matching hanging chain. really cute for a one-year-old :) and by the way, he responds to my scoldings now.. another smiley please :) ).

this is the nth night/dawn that i spent facing the computer and listening to music.

i am wearing an old, denim dress of my ate aileen's.
i feel beautiful and pure.

Chai, Russ, Yen, Jay and I made it as fellows to the Faigao Creative Writing Workshop. As Jay put it, "What is God trying to tell us?"
Well, God MIGHT be saying that there were only few applications for fellowships.
I'm grateful that I got in but not that excited. Weird, huh.
I tried talking about it to Tita Maricar tonight. She did not listen. Heard but not listened. She commented on Filipino writers getting rarer and rarer though.

I opened an account at Video Centrum with Russ last, last night. Ok lang.
For two nights in a row, Andre was with us. Last, last night at McDonalds JY. Last night (hours ago...) at Angelica's. Finally I tried their mango cake. Ok lang. Dre talked about the highly-urbanized hassles in Manila. And he showed us his pictures all across Europe. Sigh. Suya.

Reuben visted Yen (and Cebu). He arrived Thursday, and went home to Cagayan Friday, 8:45PM.

'did not go on-field tonight. I mean last night.

Anxious about the thesis.

Life is particularly very much unpredictable these days.

Oh, and have I mentioned Jay met up with Jay?


mokmok said...

vers unsay update ni joseth? last nako kita nita last wik man guro sa sm nagwharla man did2.
nya murag wala pa nitawag sa amo motawag baya na siya ASA makuha na nya akong number maabtan baya mig kadlawon manglibak.
kabalo na ka sa iyang ka"buang" sa exhibit sa SM nila ni aubrey og shang?
ig kita nato story telling ko nimo.
unsa pa man?
bata ig kita nalang nato.

patzz said...

your post reminds me of
Super Size Me...
i'm not sure...
maybe it's all that jumping forward and backward that you do.
hehehe. ^__^

ey ver when's the workshop anyway?
is it in dumaguete?