September 23, 2005

today and everything else

today i woke up early.
today i ate mango and leche flan for breakfast. include the unsweetened milk.
today i asked mama to clean my eyebrows.

today i found out that i left my cellphone in the van just after i saw Mama speed out of the gate.
today i went to the library and borrowed two books.
Filipino poetry and short stories from Palanca Awards files.
today i listened to a PCIJ director and a priest talk about ethics of the press.
today yen called me "bad shot" and i called her that, too.
today i ate pasta in white sauce after the forum. include the cauliflowers and young corns.
today i downloaded files of Filipino short stories as old as 1912.
today i am here and trying to finish a critique on the education's current situation. this is an assignment i am making for auntie shyla.
today i wondered... right this minute i'm wondering if how much of my money will be slashed from staying here in the net cafe longer than usual.
today everything seems normal but i find it difficult to breathe. the last time i felt this was when i waited for jay from work and we'd go to mass together, about two or three months ago.

1 comment:

mokmok said...

oy vera ka lami gud nimo og breakfast.
wa na lagi ko kita nimo mo comment sa ako blog quasi unfair kaayo ka...
but ok lang...
naa ko sturya nimo about ni joseth and soc(dili sila related ok?)
anha ko u.p. mga karon hapon kay wa ko klass na...