August 8, 2005

thankfully, i've taken a hold on myself

which means i feel better despite unpredictable, sometimes boring, quite rush-filled internship at ABS CBN. did i just write the company name? :) 'doesn't matter really. i am not on the verge of destroying myself with a libel case of sorts. besides, i haven't really found anything particularly unbecoming of the reputable tv station.

so anyway, here's a list of things i've done in the past days, not a complete list of course.. but well, just take a look...:

= read Robert Carter
= started gathering materials on Cebuano poetry
= cried a bit at Steven's place. hehe. might as well call it an extra mushy, babyish thing. eew.
= watched the ocean through the window while the rest of my classmates were taking an afternoon nap (this happened at (in?) LSU, which reminds me.. i haven't really said anything yet about that trip)
= shouted at a group of 20-something students while rehearsing for a fashion show contest in school, not to mention the silly symbolism of marbles and marble-arranger
= read Mavis Gallant

what else... hmmm.

okey, i saw this car in flames while on-field last Sunday early morning. The driver, a drunk Korean (he seemed drunk), got angry and said he is not a criminal so what's the fuss with a camera and reporter's notebook.

'have to go.
rehearsals get in the way of diversionary writing. hmph.
is diversionary a word?

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